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Don't let your poor "Desi" accent prevent you from being the Most efficient and Confident Person!

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If you are interested in advancing your career/profession, then effective communication is the key to

Most countries in some way would do business with English speaking countries. Also, English has become the international language of business and is often used as a neutral language for business between various countries.With English you can communicate with technicians and experts from the US or other English Speaking countries. You can also communicate with business people from other countries in the neutral language of English. Companies are also recognizing the value of English and now pay more for employees who can speak English. So even in your own country, speaking English can get you more success social as well as financial. Learning English will give you the ability to travel to English speaking countries like the United States, Canada, England, and Australia etc. Also, you will be able to communicate with other people in Europe, Asia, and all over the world. English is spoken in more than 100 countries and is often the only way to communicate in a foreign country. You would be surprised how many more people in Japan speak English than Spanish.

We are one of the very few institutes in India who also have comprehensive programmes of Accent correction, learning British accent, American accent etc. The most attractive facet about our place is about keeping the batch size to the minimum number of students in order to facilitate individualized attention to each student. Sometimes on students special demands we also provide one to one or individual classes with less number of students in a batch. Sometimes out of hesitancy in the beginning stage trainees feel shy of raising questions in the class. This problem is also sorted out by giving them separate individual classes.

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We provide effective classes to learn Accent, Pronunciatioin as well as Business English training in order to help our students achieve their academic as well as professional goals and dreams. We adopt unique and innovative methodologies to eliminate mundaneness of the classes and facilitate better and speedy learning of the language.Our friendly and patient instructors encourage you to speak English from the day you start.

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Don’t let your poor “Desi” accent prevent you from reaching the top rung of the success ladder.

Do you feel Spoken English is a problem for you?

Do you aspire to speak more professionally at your work place?

Do you want to learn British Accent from authentic trainers?

Do you want to learn American Accent from the authentic US accent training providers?

Are you lacking in fluency? and facing hesitation while speaking in English?

Do you want to get rid of your “Desi” Accent in your speech, and cut out the heavy “Mother Tongue Influence” from it?

Do you often feel that if you had better communication skills, it would have got you a better paying job?

Do you feel that if you were speaking English in Neutral Accent/Global Accent, with proper pronunciation you could have been a more confident individual or employee?

Do you often think that if your Spoken English Skills were better, you could have been respected more at the workplace or in society?

Do you feel that you must improve your “Business English”, and sound more professional, while giving any office presentations, or communicating with your bosses, colleagues?

We are here to offer you very effective and expert solutions. We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the authentic and leading training providers in Business English/Accent Neutralization training, American Accent Training, British Accent Training, Global/International Accent and pronunciation training in the country. Also Offering Online Training solutions. We offer unique and effective training methodologies for productive outcomes. Our trainees have time and again felt the difference and efficacy, in the training methodologies, which have produced the desired results in their communication. We believe in quality, not quantity, by limiting the classroom strength for individual attention.

Why we are the Best?

Speak with lucid /Correct pronunciation

Speak in intelligible manner every time you speak

Communicate more confidently

Have brighter prospects for promotions /leadership roles and better jobs.

Minimize OR eliminate that “Mother Tongue Influence” from your speech

Speak confidently and be understood on the phone by your clients/friends.

Eliminate that “Desi Accent” start sounding more like a “Global Citizen”

Why Voice Accent Training Institute?

There is a sense of contentment that is experienced with learning a language.

It will be very rewarding the first time you understand a movie completely or read a book completely. Or even helping an English speaking tourist finds his/her way around your city? It is also fun to tell your friends what the new movie in the theatres is like. Yes, that is what motivates us as an institute, to see our students /trainees speak English with ease, without any sort of hesitation. That the attitude which sets us apart from the rest, to genuinely help our learners not only to speak but also speak incorrect accent and pronunciation, which other institutes sometimes miss.

If you are keen on acquiring any of the above skills, then you have reached the right destination, for we are driven by our passion for enhancing your communication, rather than just minting money!

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